The football player microservice – Vert.x + RxJava

We have implemented our football player microservice in order to make it asynchronous and non-I/O-blocking. But we can obtain something more if we use Vert.x and RxJava together.

RxJava is a great implementation of Rx for the Java programming language, and gives you some features that combine the power of Vert.x Future with the benefits of Rx operators.

In order to use RxJava, you must set the following dependency in your Maven pom.xml:

<dependency>    <groupId>io.vertx</groupId>    <artifactId>vertx-rx-java2</artifactId></dependency>

Let's start with an easy example.

We can create three new classes that implement the same methods described earlier, but in a reactive manner:

  •  FootballPlayerReactiveVerticle ...

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