The feruscore executable

The final thing left to cover is src/bin/ The careful reader will have noted that there's been a suspicious lack of rayon in the implementation so far. In fact, rayon is not in use in this version. Here's the full Cargo.toml for the project:

name = "feruscore"
version = "0.2.0"
authors = ["Brian L. Troutwine <>"]

rand = "0.4"
rand_derive = "0.3"
libc = "0.2.0"
byteorder = "1.0"
num_cpus = "1.0"

cc = "1.0"

quickcheck = "0.6"
criterion = "0.2"

name = "mars_bench"
harness = false

name = "feruscore"

name = "fuzz_target"

As mentioned at the start of the chapter, there were two issues with feruscore ...

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