Hex encoding

Let's look at an example from the stdsimd crate. We won't dig in too deeply here; we're only out to get a sense of the structure of this kind of programming. We've pulled stdsimd at 2f86c75a2479cf051b92fc98273daaf7f151e7a1. The file we'll examine is examples/hex.rs. The program's purpose is to hex encode stdin. For example:

> echo hope | cargo +nightly run --release --example hex -p stdsimd
    Finished release [optimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 0.52s
     Running `target/release/examples/hex`

Note that this requires a nightly channel, and not a stable one, we've used so far in this book. I tested this on nightly, 2018-05-10. The details of the implementation are shifting so rapidly and rely on such unstable compiler features ...

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