Hands-On Cybersecurity with Blockchain

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Develop blockchain application with step-by-step instructions, working example and helpful recommendations

About This Book
  • Understanding the blockchain technology from the cybersecurity perspective
  • Developing cyber security solutions with Ethereum blockchain technology
  • Understanding real-world deployment of blockchain based applications
Who This Book Is For

The book is targeted towards security professionals, or any stakeholder dealing with cybersecurity who wants to understand the next-level of securing infrastructure using Blockchain. Basic understanding of Blockchain can be an added advantage.

What You Will Learn
  • Understand the cyberthreat landscape
  • Learn about Ethereum and Hyperledger Blockchain
  • Program Blockchain solutions
  • Build Blockchain-based apps for 2FA, and DDoS protection
  • Develop Blockchain-based PKI solutions and apps for storing DNS entries
  • Challenges and the future of cybersecurity and Blockchain
In Detail

Blockchain technology is being welcomed as one of the most revolutionary and impactful innovations of today. Blockchain technology was first identified in the world's most popular digital currency, Bitcoin, but has now changed the outlook of several organizations and empowered them to use it even for storage and transfer of value.

This book will start by introducing you to the common cyberthreat landscape and common attacks such as malware, phishing, insider threats, and DDoS. The next set of chapters will help you to understand the workings of Blockchain technology, Ethereum and Hyperledger architecture and how they fit into the cybersecurity ecosystem. These chapters will also help you to write your first distributed application on Ethereum Blockchain and the Hyperledger Fabric framework. Later, you will learn about the security triad and its adaptation with Blockchain. The last set of chapters will take you through the core concepts of cybersecurity, such as DDoS protection, PKI-based identity, 2FA, and DNS security. You will learn how Blockchain plays a crucial role in transforming cybersecurity solutions.

Toward the end of the book, you will also encounter some real-world deployment examples of Blockchain in security cases, and also understand the short-term challenges and future of cybersecurity with Blockchain.

Style and approach

This book will follow a practical approach to help understand blockchain technology to transform cybersecurity solutions

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Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright and Credits
    1. Hands-On Cybersecurity with Blockchain
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  5. Preface
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    2. What this book covers
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  6. Cyber Threat Landscape and Security Challenges
    1. Current threat landscape
      1. Ransomware
        1. The monetization of hacking 
        2. WannaCry
        3. NotPetya
        4. SimpleLocker
        5. TeslaCrypt
        6. CryptoLocker
        7. PC Cyborg
      2. Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks
        1. From script kiddies to geopolitical
        2. Ease of launching a DDoS attack
        3. Top targeted countries
      3. Insider threats
        1. Some more ways to define insider threats
        2. Insider threat profile
      4. Data breaches
        1. Notable recent data breaches
        2. Impact of data breaches
      5. Advanced persistence threat (APT)
        1. What makes APTs so different?
    2. Defender perspectives
      1. Governments
        1. The United States (US)
        2. The United Kingdom (UK)
        3. Europe
        4. India
      2. Corporate
        1. Endpoint detection and response (EDR)
        2. Deception technology
        3. Cyber threat intelligence (CTI)
    3. Live attack execution
    4. Emerging security challenges
    5. Summary
    6. Questions
    7. Further reading
  7. Security Must Evolve
    1. The security ecosystem 
    2. The zero-trust approach
    3. The assume breach approach
    4. Evolution at the foundation layer
    5. Summary
    6. Questions 
    7. Further reading 
  8. Introducing Blockchain and Ethereum
    1. What is blockchain?
      1. A brief history
      2. Fundamentals of the blockchain
      3. Who is using blockchain and how?
    2. Internet versus blockchain
      1. IP packet versus block
      2. Web app versus dApp
    3. How blockchain works
    4. The building blocks of blockchain
      1. Block
      2. Cryptography – digital signature and hashing algorithm
      3. Consensus – the core of blockchain
    5. Ethereum
      1. History
      2. What is Ethereum?
      3. Smart contract
      4. EVM
      5. Gas
      6. dApp
    6. Private versus public blockchain
      1. Public blockchain
      2. Private blockchain
    7. Business adaptation
    8. Summary
    9. Questions
    10. Further reading
  9. Hyperledger – Blockchain for Businesses
    1. Technical requirements
    2. Hyperledger overview
    3. Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS)
      1. Program goal
    4. Architecture and core components
    5. Hyperledger Fabric model
      1. Hyperledeger Fabric core components
      2. Workings of Hyperledger and transaction processing
    6. Bitcoin versus Ethereum versus Hyperledger
    7. Hyperledger Fabric capabilities
    8. Lab
      1. Tuna application
    9. Summary
    10. Questions
  10. Blockchain on the CIA Security Triad
    1. What is the CIA security triad?
      1. Confidentiality
      2. Integrity
      3. Availability
    2. Understanding blockchain on confidentiality
      1. Confidentiality in the existing model
      2. Businesses, blockchain, and confidentiality
      3. Achieving confidentiality with Hyperledger Fabric
    3. Blockchain on integrity
      1. Integrity in the current blockchain network
      2. Block arrangement and immutability
      3. Achieving integrity with Hyperledger
      4. Verifying chain integrity
    4. Understanding blockchain on availability
      1. Availability in the current blockchain network
      2. No single point of failure
      3. Business and availability
    5. Summary
    6. Questions
    7. Further reading
  11. Deploying PKI-Based Identity with Blockchain
    1. PKI
      1. PKI in a nutshell
      2. The evolution of PKI
      3. Components
        1. Asymmetric key encryption
        2. Certificate
        3. Certificate authority (CA)
        4. Registration authority (RA)
        5. Certificate repository (CR)
      4. Architecture
      5. Certificate life cycle
      6. Key management
    2. Challenges of the existing PKI model
    3. How can blockchain help?
      1. Decentralized infrastructure
      2. Deployment method
      3. Requirements 
    4. Lab
      1. Testing
    5. Summary
    6. Questions
    7. Further reading
  12. Two-Factor Authentication with Blockchain
    1. What is 2FA?
      1. Evolution of user authentication
      2. Why 2FA?
      3. How does it work?
      4. Challenges
    2. Blockchain for 2FA
      1. How can blockchain transform 2FA?
      2. Solution architecture
    3. Lab
      1. Components
      2. Preparation
        1. Installing Node.js
        2. Turning up Ethereum
        3. Turning up the smart contract
        4. Testing and verification
    4. Summary
    5. Questions
    6. Further reading
  13. Blockchain-Based DNS Security Platform
    1. DNS
    2. Understanding DNS components
      1. Namespace
      2. Name servers
      3. Resolver
    3. DNS structure and hierarchy 
      1. Root name server
      2. Current TLD structure
      3. Registries, registrars, and registrants
      4. DNS records
    4. DNS topology for large enterprises
      1. Architecture
    5. Challenges with current DNS 
      1. DNS spoofing 
    6. Blockchain-based DNS solution
      1. X.509 PKI replacement
      2. MITM-proof DNS infrastructure
    7. Lab on Ethereum-based secure DNS infrastructure
      1. Lab preparation
      2. Namecoin blockchain installation
      3. Installing PowerDNS
      4. Installing DNSChain
    8. Summary
    9. Questions
    10. Further reading
  14. Deploying Blockchain-Based DDoS Protection
    1. DDoS attacks
      1. What is a DDoS attack?
      2. How does it work?
        1. Building up the botnet
        2. Reconnaissance
        3. Weaponization
        4. Delivery
        5. Exploitation 
        6. Installation 
        7. Command and control (C2)
        8. Action on objectives
    2. Types of DDoS attacks
      1. Attacks targeting network resources
        1. User datagram protocol (UDP) flood
        2. ICMP flood
        3. Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) flood
        4. Amplification attacks
      2. Attacks targeting server resources
        1. TCP SYN Flood
        2. TCP RST attack
        3. Secure sockets layer (SSL)-based attack
        4. Encrypted HTTP attacks
      3. Attacks targeting application resources
        1. DNS flooding 
        2. Regular expression DoS attacks 
        3. Hash collision DoS attacks
    3. Challenges with current DDoS solutions
    4. How can blockchain transform DDoS protection?
    5. Lab
    6. Summary 
    7. Questions
    8. Further reading
  15. Facts about Blockchain and Cyber Security
    1. Decision path for blockchain
      1. When should you use blockchain?
      2. When should you not use blockchain?
    2. Leader's checklist
    3. Challenges with blockchain
    4. The future of cybersecurity with blockchain
    5. Summary
    6. Questions
    7. Further reading
  16. Assessment
    1. Chapter 1: Cyber Threat Landscape and Security Challenges
    2. Chapter 2: Security Must Evolve
    3. Chapter 3: Introducing Blockchain and Ethereum
    4. Chapter 4: Hyperledger – Blockchain for Businesses
    5. Chapter 5: Blockchain on the CIA Security Triad 
    6. Chapter 6: Deploying PKI-Based Identity with Blockchain
    7. Chapter 7: Two-Factor Authentication with Blockchain
    8. Chapter 8: Blockchain-Based DNS Security Platform
    9. Chapter 9: Deploying Blockchain-Based DDoS Protection
    10. Chapter 10: Facts about Blockchain and Cyber Security
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Product information

  • Title: Hands-On Cybersecurity with Blockchain
  • Author(s): Rajneesh Gupta
  • Release date: June 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788990189