Computing correlation – The hard way

I'm going to start by doing this the hard way. NumPy does have a method to just compute the covariance for you, and we'll talk about that later, but for now I want to show that you can actually do this from first principles:

%matplotlib inline 
import numpy as np 
from pylab import * 
def de_mean(x): 
    xmean = mean(x) 
    return [xi - xmean for xi in x] 
def covariance(x, y): 
    n = len(x) 
    return dot(de_mean(x), de_mean(y)) / (n-1) 

Covariance, again, is defined as the dot product, which is a measure of the angle between two vectors, of a vector of the deviations from the mean for a given set of data and the deviations from the mean for another given set of data for the same data's data points. We then divide that ...

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