Adding legends and other explanations

In the following Julia function, we add the legend y=sin(x) to the output graph:

using PyPlot 
x = linspace(0, 10, 100) 
y = sin.(x) 
name=L"$y = sin(x)$"  
fig, ax = subplots() 
ax[:plot](x, y, "b-", linewidth=2, label=name,alpha=0.6) 
ax[:legend](loc="upper center") 

The associated graph is shown here:

In the R program, we add the following formula to the graph (the formula for the normal distribution):

The R code is given here:

set.seed(12345) mu=4 std=2 nRandom=2000 x <- rnorm(mean =mu, sd =std, n =nRandom) ...

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