As an example, when we run the test with a simple HEF4001 IC (4000 CMOS series Quad 2-Input OR Gate) hooked up, we have to add a file to the SD card which contains the test description and control data for this IC. The 4001.ic test file is shown here as it lends itself to following along the code that parses it and performs the corresponding tests.

HEF4001BQuad 2-input NOR gate.A1-A2: 22-27, Vss: GND, 3A-4B: 28-33, Vdd: 5V22:0,23:0=24:122:0,23:1=24:022:1,23:0=24:022:1,23:1=24:026:0,27:0=25:126:0,27:1=25:026:1,27:0=25:026:1,27:1=25:028:0,29:0=30:128:0,29:1=30:028:1,29:0=30:028:1,29:1=30:033:0,32:0=31:133:0,32:1=31:033:1,32:0=31:033:1,32:1=31:0

The first three lines are printed verbatim as we saw earlier, with the remaining lines specifying ...

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