Example – CMOS IC Tester

Here, we will look at a more full-featured example project, implementing an integrated circuit (IC) tester for 5V logic chips. In addition to probing chips with its GPIO pins, this project also reads a chip description and test program (in the form of a logic table) from an SD card over SPI. User control is added in the form of a serial-based command-line interface.

First, we look at the Makefile for this Nodate project, as found in the root of the project:

ARCH ?= avr # Board preset. BOARD ?= arduino_mega_2560 # Set the name of the output (ELF & Hex) file. OUTPUT := sdinfo # Add files to include for compilation to these variables. APP_CPP_FILES = $(wildcard src/*.cpp) APP_C_FILES = $(wildcard src/*.c) # # --- End ...

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