Training and evaluation of InfoGAN

We need to make some adjustments to the training API so that we can make use of the class and style vectors for attribute extraction and image generation.

First, we add several imported modules in the file:

import itertoolsfrom infogan import Generator as infoganGfrom infogan import Discriminator as infoganD

The default weight initialization provided by PyTorch easily leads to saturation, so we need a custom weight initializer:

def _weights_init(m):    classname = m.__class__.__name__    if classname.find('Conv') != -1:        torch.nn.init.normal_(, 0.0, 0.02)    elif classname.find('BatchNorm') != -1:        torch.nn.init.normal_(, 1.0, 0.02)        torch.nn.init.constant_(, 0.0)

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