Chapter 6. Fine-tuning Stable Diffusion

In the previous chapter, we introduced how fine-tuning can teach language models to write in a particular style or to learn concepts for a specific domain. We can apply the same principles to text-to-image models, allowing us to customize the models even with access to a single GPU (versus the multi-GPU nodes required to pre-train a model like Stable Diffusion).

In this chapter, we will use the base pre-trained Stable Diffusion model we learned in Chapter 5 and extend it to learn styles and concepts that it might not know about, such as the concept of "your pet" or a particular painting style. We will also learn how to give it new capabilities, such as super-resolution, inpainting, or new conditions as inputs.

Rather than writing code from scratch here, we will look into understanding and running existing scripts created for fine-tuning the models in this section. For that, we recommend ...

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