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Hands-On Guide to Windows Media

Book Description

Hands-On Guide to Windows Media is a practical guide that teaches how to distribute audio and video efficiently and effectively over computer networks.

This book enables you to get up and running quickly and focuses on one of the most popular tools in the streaming media universe, Windows Media. This book will help you to understand the unique characteristics and demands of streaming audio and video information over packet-switched networks. Ideal even for non-technical readers.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. About the Author
  8. About the Series Editor
  9. Introduction
    1. Purpose of the Book
    2. Scope of the Book
    3. Who Should Read This Book
    4. Why Streaming Media?
    5. The Growth of Streaming Media
    6. Why Windows Media Series?
    7. Career Opportunities
    8. How to Use this Book
    9. Conclusion
  10. Chapter 1: Windows Media Quick Start
    1. Update Your Media Player
    2. Overview of Main Player Features
    3. Prepare Your Media File for Encoding
    4. Install a Windows Media Encoder
    5. Encode Your Media File
    6. Publishing Your Windows Media File
    7. Troubleshooting
    8. Conclusion
  11. Chapter 2: Streaming Media Basics
    1. Streaming Media Defined
    2. Streaming Fundamentals
    3. The Four Steps of Streaming
    4. Live or On-Demand
    5. Evaluate Your Audience
    6. Evaluate Your Content
    7. Windows Media and Microsoft’s Competitors
    8. Relations between the Media Department and the IT Department
    9. Conclusion
  12. Chapter 3: Get Ready to Capture Audio and Video
    1. Pre-Production Planning
    2. Audio and Video Inputs
    3. Portable Audio Recorders and Cameras
    4. Support Equipment
    5. Places to Buy Equipment
    6. A Windows Media Capturing and Editing Workstation
    7. Conclusion
  13. Chapter 4: Recording and Capturing Audio and Video
    1. Best Practices for Recording Audio
    2. Best Practices for Recording Video
    3. Best Practices for Capturing Audio and Video
    4. Capturing with Windows Media 9 Capture
    5. Editing with Windows Movie Maker
    6. Conclusion
  14. Chapter 5: Optimizing Your Audio and Video
    1. Optimize Your Audio
    2. Optimize Your Video
    3. Conclusion
  15. Chapter 6: Encoding for Windows Media
    1. Revisit Your Audience Evaluation
    2. Choose the Right Codec
    3. Encode Audio and Video with Windows Media Encoder
    4. Customize a Windows Media Encoder Session
    5. Windows Media Encoder Utilities
    6. Conclusion
  16. Chapter 7: Getting Ready to Distribute Windows Media Streams
    1. Do You Need a Streaming Server?
    2. Get Ready to Serve Your Streams
    3. Conclusion
  17. Chapter 8: Delivering Windows Media to Your Audience
    1. HTTP Streaming versus “True” Streaming
    2. Install Windows Media Services
    3. Publishing Points
    4. Using Windows Media Services Administrator
    5. Testing and Windows Media Load Simulator
    6. Conclusion
  18. Chapter 9: Get Ready to Webcast Live with Windows Media
    1. Live Versus On-Demand
    2. Fundamental Differences between Live and On-Demand
    3. Preparing a Studio for Live Webcasting
    4. Preparing for Remote Live Webcasting
    5. Conclusion
  19. Chapter 10: Encoding and Distributing Live Webcasts
    1. Live Stream Distribution
    2. Using Windows Media Encoder for Live Streaming
    3. Using Windows Media Server for Live Streaming
    4. Creating Rollover Playlists
    5. Conclusion
  20. Chapter 11: Going Beyond the Desktop
    1. Windows Media High-Definition Video
    2. Windows Media on Portable Devices
    3. Windows Media Digital Rights Management
    4. Conclusion
  21. Chapter 12: Advanced Topics
    1. Customizing Windows Media Player
    2. Advanced Testing Techniques
    3. Measuring Success
    4. Conclusion
  22. Appendix: Streaming PowerPoints with Producer
    1. Using the New Presentation Wizard
    2. Setting Slide Timing
    3. Add a Video to Your Project
    4. Publishing Your Producer Project
    5. Conclusion
  23. Glossary
  24. Resources
  25. Index