Welcome to our book on hacking. We believe there aren't too many books quite like this one. Yes, there are countless books out there about hacking (and information security, penetration testing, and so forth), but how many of those books give you everything that you need to start hacking your first computer systems, in a safe way, right from the get-go? Three labs are provided with this book—hacking sandboxes if you will—that you can run on your existing laptop or desktop computer. By using these labs, you will be able to try out various tools and techniques—the same ones as those used by malicious hackers today—without risk either to yourself or to the outside world. We will show you exactly how to hack these systems using open source tools that can be downloaded for free. You do not need to purchase anything else to try all of the practical exercises that we have included.

This book comes to you from the people behind Hacker House, a company specializing in online cybersecurity training and penetration testing services. Since its humble beginnings in east London in 2014, one of the reoccurring themes of Hacker House gatherings (we used to do a lot of meetups and events) has been how to properly identify talent and endorse cyber skills. We wanted to understand how we could capture the rebellious spirit of hacking—the one that causes hackers to question authority and the ways in which systems work. It was Jennifer Arcuri who first set about creating a company that ...

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