Updating the Helm files

We are going to switch the microservice deployment from using the local Kafka instance to using the Azure-hosted, Kafka-compatible Event Hub instance:

  1. First, let's delete the local deployment:
helm del --purge social-network
  1. Modify the ./deployment/helm/user-service/templates/deployment.yaml file to change line 32 until the name: SPRING_PROFILES_ACTIVE line:
            - name: SPRING_CLOUD_STREAM_KAFKA_BINDER_BROKERS              value: "<your eventhub name>.servicebus.windows.net:9093"            - name: SPRING_CLOUD_STREAM_KAFKA_BINDER_DEFAULT_BROKER_PORT              value: "9093"            - name: SPRING_CLOUD_STREAM_KAFKA_BINDER_CONFIGURATION_SECURITY_PROTOCOL              value: "SASL_SSL"            - name: SPRING_CLOUD_STREAM_KAFKA_BINDER_CONFIGURATION_SASL_MECHANISM value: "PLAIN" ...

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