Adding visualizations

First, let's create the dashboard and add the first visualization for CPU usage for Windows nodes. Please perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Grafana web UI and log in with the credentials provided in the Helm chart release. The default is user admin and password P@ssword.
  2. From the side panel, click the + button and choose Dashboard.
  3. Click the Save Dashboard button and provide voting application as the name.
  4. Choose Add Query.
  1. Provide the following query in the first metric: 100 - (avg by (instance) (irate(wmi_cpu_time_total{mode="idle"}[2m])) * 100). This query calculates the average CPU usage in the last two minutes using counters for the total CPU idle time.
  2. In Legend, provide {{instance}} to use the node ...

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