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Hands-On Microsoft SQL Server™ 2005 Integration Services

Book Description

In-depth coverage of Microsoft’s powerful new data integration tool

Learn to maximize the features of SQL Server 2005 Integration Services from this essential guide. Hands-On Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services makes learning SSIS easy through the use of extensive real-world exercises structured around every component within the tool. You will learn to collect corporate data from various sources and transform that data for analysis, mining, and reporting.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Introducing SQL Server Integration Services
    1. Integration Services—Features and Uses
    2. Where Is DTS in SQL Server 2005?
    3. Integration Services in SQL Server 2005 Editions
    4. Integration Services Architecture
    5. Installing Integration Services
    6. Business Intelligence Development Studio
    7. SQL Server Management Studio
    8. Summary
  5. SQL Server Import and Export Wizard
    1. Starting SSIS Import and Export Wizard
    2. Using Business Intelligence Development Studio
    3. Summary
  6. Nuts and Bolts of the SSIS Workflow
    1. Integration Services Objects
    2. Solutions and Projects
    3. File Formats
    4. Connection Managers
    5. SSIS Variables
    6. Precedence Constraints
    7. Integration Services Expressions
    8. Summary
  7. Integration Services Control Flow Containers
    1. Integration Services Package
    2. Foreach Loop Container
    3. For Loop Container
    4. Sequence Container
    5. Task Host Container
    6. Summary
  8. Integration Services Control Flow Tasks
    1. Categories of Control Flow Tasks
    2. Control Flow Tasks in Detail
    3. FTP Task
    4. Execute Process Task
    5. Execute DTS 2000 Package Task
    6. File System Task
    7. Web Service Task
    8. XML Task
    9. Execute SQL Task
    10. Bulk Insert Task
    11. Message Queue Task
    12. Execute Package Task
    13. Send Mail Task
    14. WMI Data Reader Task
    15. WMI Event Watcher Task
    16. ActiveX Script Task
    17. Script Task
    18. Transfer Database Task
    19. Transfer Error Messages Task
    20. Transfer Jobs Task
    21. Transfer Logins Task
    22. Transfer SQL Server Objects Task
    23. Transfer Master Stored Procedures Task
    24. Back Up Database Task
    25. Check Database Integrity Task
    26. Execute SQL Server Agent Job Task
    27. Execute T-SQL Statement Task
    28. History Cleanup Task
    29. Maintenance Cleanup Task
    30. Notify Operator Task
    31. Rebuild Index Task
    32. Reorganize Index Task
    33. Shrink Database Task
    34. Update Statistics Task
    35. Summary
  9. Administrating Integration Services
    1. Introduction
    2. Working with Integration Services Folders and Packages
    3. Dtutil Utility
    4. Running Packages
    5. SQL Server Agent Service
    6. Summary
  10. Securing Integration Services Packages
    1. Digitally Signing the Package
    2. Excluding Sensitive Information from the Package
    3. Encrypting Sensitive Information in the Package
    4. Encrypting All the Information in the Package
    5. Using Integration Services Fixed Database Level Roles
    6. Protecting Packages and Metadata at the Storage Level
    7. Summary
  11. Advanced Features of Integration Services
    1. Logging and Log Providers in SSIS
    2. Transactions in Integration Services Packages
    3. Restarting Packages with Checkpoints
    4. Expressions and Variables
    5. Handling Events at Package Run-time
    6. Summary
  12. Data Flow Components
    1. Separating Data Flow from Control Flow
    2. Data Flow Component Interfaces
    3. Considerations when Bringing Data into Data Flow
    4. Data Flow Sources
    5. Data Flow Transformations
    6. Data Flow Destinations
    7. Data Flow Paths
    8. Summary
  13. Data Flow Transformations
    1. Row Transformations
    2. Split and Join Transformations
    3. Rowset Transformations
    4. Other Transformations
    5. Business Intelligence Transformations
    6. Summary
  14. Deploying Integration Services Packages
    1. Package Configurations
    2. Deployment Utility
    3. Deploying Integration Services Projects
    4. Summary
  15. Migrating to Integration Services
    1. Upgrade Advisor
    2. Migration Options
    3. Embedding DTS 2000 Packages in Integration Services Packages
    4. Migrating DTS 2000 Packages to Integration Services
    5. Summary
  16. Troubleshooting and Performance Enhancements
    1. Troubleshooting Integration Services Packages
    2. Performance Enhancements
    3. Performance Monitoring Tools
    4. Using Parallel Processing
    5. Summary
  17. How to Use the Provided Software
    1. Downloaded software