Investigating web proxy logs

We saw a few examples of web proxies in the first half of this book. Let's investigate some more. In the upcoming example, we will try to decipher what could have happened while we were learning about the log analysis. We will be investigating the prox_access.log file generated by Squid proxy server, as follows:

    1553457412.696      0 NONE/000 0 NONE error:transaction-end-before-headers - HIER_NONE/- -
    1553457545.997     66 TCP_TUNNEL/200 39 CONNECT - HIER_DIRECT/ -
    1553457546.232    102 TCP_TUNNEL/200 39 CONNECT - HIER_DIRECT/ -
    1553457546.348 16 TCP_TUNNEL/200 39 CONNECT - HIER_DIRECT/ ...

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