Installing MISP

The installation instructions can be found at the previously mentioned GitHub repository. We have tested the code and used it on CentOS 7. Perform the following instructions to set up MISP on CentOS 7:

# INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ## for CentOS 7.x  ### 0/ MISP CentOS 7 Minimal NetInstall - Status -------------------------------------------- !!! notice     Semi-maintained and tested by @SteveClement, CentOS 7.5-1804 on 20181113<br />     It is still considered experimental as not everything works seemlessly. CentOS 7.5-1804 [NetInstallURL](  {!generic/!}  ```bash # CentOS Specific RUN_PHP='/usr/bin/scl enable rh-php71 ' RUN_PYTHON='/usr/bin/scl enable rh-python36 ...

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