Handling incoming worker payloads

The handleWorkerPayloads method is responsible for handling incoming payloads from a particular worker. The method blocks waiting for either a new incoming payload to appear or the job context to be canceled:

func (c *masterJobCoordinator) handleWorkerPayloads(workerIndex int, worker *remoteWorkerStream, graph *bspgraph.Graph) {    var wPayload *proto.WorkerPayload    for {        select {        case wPayload = <-worker.RecvFromWorkerChan():        case <-c.jobCtx.Done():            return        }        if relayMsg := wPayload.GetRelayMessage(); relayMsg != nil {            c.relayMessageToWorker(workerIndex, relayMsg)        } else if stepMsg := wPayload.GetStep(); stepMsg != nil {            updatedStep, err := c.barrier.Wait(stepMsg)            if err != nil {                c.cancelJobCtx()                return            } c.sendToWorker(worker, ...

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