Chapter 8. Cache me if you can

This chapter covers

  • Managing client-side caching
  • Introducing Catbox
  • Server-side caching with hapi

There are two things that we always want to do in web applications:

  • Give users the most up-to-date, relevant data that we can get our hands on
  • Make the experience as quick as possible

We can’t always have both at the same time, so we find a compromise. Caching is the name of that compromise. Caching lets us serve data that is fresh enough, with the benefit that we can serve it a lot faster. It’s common sense, and sometimes this isn’t much of a compromise to make as figure 8.1 illustrates—in particular, when your data changes infrequently.

Figure 8.1. The server-side caching trade-off

It’s faster to serve ...

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