Execute, Execute, Execute

SSEER, a simulated senior executive experience role-play by Simavatar Studios

A deafening roar fills Barton’s ears. He gulps for air as he comprehends the precariousness of his perch on a strut nestled under one wing of a high-flying turboprop plane. A landscape stretches wide and far beneath his feet. Seized with acrophobia, he barely notices that someone at his side has locked arms with him.

“Ready, Jim?” Luce shouts in his ear.

Barton realizes that he’s wearing a helmet but can’t figure out why. Ready for what? he thinks, and he’s about to speak it when Luce leaps from the strut, pulling Barton off, too.

Free fall.

The wind blows past Barton. The ground rises toward him. Luce loosens his grip on ...

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