ACK  A signal used to indicate acknowledgement.

AES  Advanced Encryption Standard, based on the Rijndael algorithm.

AIK  Attestation Identity Keys, used in remote authentication of the hardware state of a system. The AIKs are based on Endorsement Keys and are hardware-specific.

ANSI Standard  American National Standards Institute, an international standards organization.

ARC4  An acronym for “Alleged Rivest Cipher 4,” an unauthorized and unconfirmed implementation of the Rivest Cipher.

ASC File  An ASCII text file of a specific format, sometimes used to transmit seed conditions for Pseudo Random Number Generators to remote users.

ASIC  Application Specific Integrated Circuit, a computer chip created to run a specific algorithm.

Attack Space  A term representing the mathematical estimate of how many guesses (on average) it would take to find a key.

Attestation  The reporting of the integrity of a trusted platform using attestation keys.

Authentication  The process of confirming the identity of a person as authentic.

Back Door  A hidden access point to the inner workings of a system, usually in reference to a hardware test pin or a software security bypass path.

Beta Particle  A high energy electron or positron emitted as part of the nuclear decay process.

BIOS  An acronym for Basic Input Output System, the BIOS is code that runs first when starting a computer.

Birthday Paradox  Refers to the surprising mathematical result that only 25 or so people are needed to reach a ...

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