The sum of products style

To explore datatype-generic functions in the sum of products style, we'll return to the familiar List and Tree types:

  data List' a = Nil' | Cons' a (List' a)
      deriving (Show)

  data Tree a = Node a (Tree a) (Tree a)
          | Leaf a
            deriving (Show)

  aList = (Cons' 2 (Cons' 3 (Cons' 5 Nil')))
    = Node 2 (Leaf 3)
             (Node 5 (Leaf 7)
                     (Leaf 11))

As a reference point, we define the datatype-specific size functions:

  sizeT (Leaf _) = 1
  sizeT (Node _ lt rt) 
    = 1 + (sizeT lt) + (sizeT rt)

  sizeL Nil' = 0
  sizeL (Cons' _ xs)
    = 1 + (sizeL xs)

Instead of these ad hoc polymorphic functions, let's write them in a datatype-generic way. First, we define a type representation. In this section, we follow the generic programming style of Lightweight ...

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