Associated type synonyms

As a unifying example for the next sections, we return to Chapter 6: Patterns of Generic Programming, where we created a List' type along with its type representation RList:

data List' a
  = Nil' | Cons' a (List' a)
  deriving (Show)

data U = U                 
  deriving (Show)

data Choice a b = L a | R b   
  deriving (Show)

data Combo a b = Combo a b     
  deriving (Show)

type RList a = Choice U (Combo a (List' a))

In addition to this, we defined functions fromL and toL to mediate between the type and representation:

  fromL :: List' a -> RList a
  toL   :: RList a -> List' a

We embedded this in the container type EP as follows:

data EP d r = EP {from_ :: (d -> r),
                 to_ ::  (r -> d)}

Using functional dependencies

Instead of the container type EP mentioned above, ...

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