How to Make Your Case in 30 Seconds or Less

An elevator pitch can help capture an investor's attention, open the door to a job, or win vital support for a new project.

by Nick Wreden

Nick Wreden is the author of Fusion Branding: Strategic Branding for the Customer Economy. He can be reached at hmcl@hbsp.harvard.edu.

In 1994, Barnett Helzberg, Jr. was walking by The Plaza Hotel in New York City when he heard a woman hail Warren Buffett. Helzberg approached the legendary investor and said, “Hi, Mr. Buffett. I'm a shareholder in Berkshire Hathaway and a great admirer of yours. I believe that my company matches your criteria for investment.”

“Send me more details,” Buffett replied. A year later, Helzberg sold ...

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