HBR Guide to Your Professional Growth

Book description

Don't wait for someone else to manage your career.

The days of HR-sponsored development plans are over. Managing your career--and the skills you need to be successful--is your responsibility. If you're looking to push yourself to the next level, it can be hard to determine where to start.

The HBR Guide to Your Professional Growth will be your coach, transforming your abstract hopes and ideas into a concrete action plan. No matter where you are in your career, this guide will help you:

  • Assess your current skills--and acquire new ones
  • Elicit feedback you can use
  • Set meaningful--and achievable--goals
  • Make time for learning
  • Play to your strengths
  • Identify your next challenge

Arm yourself with the advice you need to succeed on the job, from a source you trust. Packed with how-to essentials from leading experts, the HBR Guides provide smart answers to your most pressing work challenges.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Series Page
  3. Title Page
  4. HBR Press Quantity Sales Discounts
  5. Copyright
  6. What You’ll Learn
  7. Contents
  8. Section One: Set a Vision for Your Career
    1. 1. Reaching Your Potential
    2. 2. Developing a Strategy for a Life of Meaningful Labor
    3. 3. Think Strategically About Your Career Development
  9. Section Two: Assess Yourself and Gather Feedback
    1. 4. Career Self-Assessment Worksheet
    2. 5. What Self-Awareness Really Is (and How to Cultivate It)
    3. 6. Why You Should Make Time for Self-Reflection (Even If You Hate Doing It)
    4. 7. Making Yourself Indispensable
    5. 8. How to Play to Your Strengths
    6. 9. Get the Feedback You Need
    7. 10. How Getting Actionable Feedback Can Help You Get Promoted
  10. Section Three: Set Goals for Yourself
    1. 11. Nine Things Successful People Do Differently
    2. 12. Stop Setting Goals You Don’t Actually Care About
    3. 13. Before You Set New Goals, Think About What You’re Going to Stop Doing
  11. Section Four: Become a Better Learner
    1. 14. Learning to Learn
    2. 15. Four Ways to Become a Better Learner
    3. 16. You Can Learn and Get Work Done at the Same Time
    4. 17. Four Practices of People Who Are Always Learning New Skills
    5. 18. Talking to Yourself (Out Loud) Can Help You Learn
  12. Section Five: Gain New Skills
    1. 19. Make Yourself an Expert
    2. 20. Your Career Needs Many Mentors, Not Just One
    3. 21. Eight Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year
    4. 22. Three Ways to Use MOOCs to Advance Your Career
    5. 23. Should You Get an MBA?
  13. Section Six: Move Ahead, Move Up
    1. 24. You Don’t Need a Promotion to Grow at Work
    2. 25. Position Yourself for a Stretch Assignment
    3. 26. Having the Here’s-What-I-Want Conversation with Your Boss
    4. 27. How to Ask for a Promotion
    5. 28. Learn to Get Better at Transitions
  14. Index

Product information

  • Title: HBR Guide to Your Professional Growth
  • Author(s): Harvard Business Review
  • Release date: March 2019
  • Publisher(s): Harvard Business Review Press
  • ISBN: 9781633695993