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HBR Guides to Managing Your Career Collection (6 Books)

Book Description

Don't wait for someone else to manage your career.

Career paths are far from straightforward. HBR Guides to Managing Your Career Collection offers the ideas and strategies to help you take charge of your career and reach your highest potential--both in and outside of work. Included in this six-book set are HBR Guide to Your Professional Growth, HBR Guide to Work-Life Balance, HBR Guide to Getting the Mentoring You Need, HBR Guide to Managing Up and Across, HBR Guide to Office Politics, and HBR Guide to Changing Your Career.

You'll learn how to:

  • Clarify your professional passions
  • Think strategically about career changes
  • Recognize when it's time for a new challenge
  • Find the right mentors to help you grow and move ahead
  • Set boundaries and manage your time
  • Deal with difficult managers
  • Navigate your work culture and its politics

The workplace is a complex arena to navigate, yet with advice from HBR's experts, you will be able to surpass any professional obstacle. No matter where you are in your career, the HBR Guides to Managing Your Career Collection will help you plan your next steps and push yourself forward to the next level.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. HBR Guide to Your Professional Growth
    1. Series Page
    2. Title Page
    3. HBR Press Quantity Sales Discounts
    4. Copyright
    5. What You’ll Learn
    6. Contents
    7. Section One: Set a Vision for Your Career
      1. 1. Reaching Your Potential
      2. 2. Developing a Strategy for a Life of Meaningful Labor
      3. 3. Think Strategically About Your Career Development
    8. Section Two: Assess Yourself and Gather Feedback
      1. 4. Career Self-Assessment Worksheet
      2. 5. What Self-Awareness Really Is (and How to Cultivate It)
      3. 6. Why You Should Make Time for Self-Reflection (Even If You Hate Doing It)
      4. 7. Making Yourself Indispensable
      5. 8. How to Play to Your Strengths
      6. 9. Get the Feedback You Need
      7. 10. How Getting Actionable Feedback Can Help You Get Promoted
    9. Section Three: Set Goals for Yourself
      1. 11. Nine Things Successful People Do Differently
      2. 12. Stop Setting Goals You Don’t Actually Care About
      3. 13. Before You Set New Goals, Think About What You’re Going to Stop Doing
    10. Section Four: Become a Better Learner
      1. 14. Learning to Learn
      2. 15. Four Ways to Become a Better Learner
      3. 16. You Can Learn and Get Work Done at the Same Time
      4. 17. Four Practices of People Who Are Always Learning New Skills
      5. 18. Talking to Yourself (Out Loud) Can Help You Learn
    11. Section Five: Gain New Skills
      1. 19. Make Yourself an Expert
      2. 20. Your Career Needs Many Mentors, Not Just One
      3. 21. Eight Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year
      4. 22. Three Ways to Use MOOCs to Advance Your Career
      5. 23. Should You Get an MBA?
    12. Section Six: Move Ahead, Move Up
      1. 24. You Don’t Need a Promotion to Grow at Work
      2. 25. Position Yourself for a Stretch Assignment
      3. 26. Having the Here’s-What-I-Want Conversation with Your Boss
      4. 27. How to Ask for a Promotion
      5. 28. Learn to Get Better at Transitions
    13. Index
  3. HBR Guide to Changing Your Career
    1. Series Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. What You’ll Learn
    5. Contents
    6. Introduction
    7. Section One: Understand What’s Going On
      1. 1. Reawakening Your Passion for Work
      2. 2. Why So Many of Us Experience a Midlife Crisis
    8. Section Two: What Do You Think You Want to Do?
      1. 3. Developing a Strategy for a Life of Meaningful Labor
      2. 4. Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Want
      3. 5. Two Ways to Clarify Your Professional Passions
      4. 6. For Career Direction, Use Your Imagination
    9. Section Three: Is Career Change Right for You?
      1. 7. Not Taking Risks Is the Riskiest Career Move of All
      2. 8. Can You Actually Afford to Change Your Career?
      3. 9. How to Stay Stuck in the Wrong Career
    10. Section Four: Get Going
      1. 10. Test-Drive Your Path
      2. 11. Research Your Destination with Informational Interviews
      3. 12. Change Your Career Without Having to Start All Over Again
      4. 13. Turning Your Complex Career Path into a Coherent Story
      5. 14. Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Power a Career Transition
      6. 15. A Scorecard to Help You Compare Two Jobs
      7. 16. How to Build Expertise in a New Field
    11. Section Five: Get Inspired
      1. 17. Why You Should Have (at Least) Two Careers at the Same Time
      2. 18. Advice from a Serial Life Reinventor: An Interview with Nilofer Merchant
      3. 19. From Accountant to Yogi: Making a Radical Career Change
    12. Index
  4. HBR Guide to Getting the Mentoring You Need
    1. Series Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. What You’ll Learn
    5. Contents
    6. Introduction: Taking Charge of Your Career
    7. Section 1: What Good Mentoring Looks Like
      1. 1. The Relationship You Need to Get Right
      2. 2. Mentoring in All Its Shapes and Sizes
    8. Section 2: Mapping Out Your Development
      1. 3. Reaching Your Potential
      2. 4. Making Yourself Indispensable
      3. 5. Why You Didn’t Get That Promotion
    9. Section 3: Growth And Advancement
      1. 6. Finding the Right Mentors
      2. 7. Defining Your Goals and Expectations
      3. 8. Starting and Maintaining Relationships with Mentors
      4. 9. How to Get More from Your Mentors
      5. 10. Employ a Personal Board of Directors
      6. 11. A Smarter Way to Network
      7. 12. Accelerate Your Development: Tips for Millennials
      8. 13. Mentoring for Gen Xers
      9. 14. Keep Learning from Your Protégés
    10. Index
  5. HBR Guide to Office Politics
    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright
    3. What You’ll Learn
    4. Contents
    5. Introduction
    6. Section 1: Political Challenges with Your Boss
      1. 1. The Boss Who Holds You Back
      2. 2. The Boss Who Pits You Against Your Colleagues
      3. 3. The Control-Freak Boss
      4. 4. The Boss’s Pet
      5. 5. The Disaffected Boss
    7. Section 2: Political Challenges with Your Colleagues
      1. 6. The Hypercompetitive Peer
      2. 7. The Bully
      3. 8. The Clique
      4. 9. The Credit Stealer
      5. 10. Managing a Disgruntled Former Peer
    8. Section 3: Political Challenges in Your Organization
      1. 11. Surviving the Office Outing
      2. 12. Lasting Through Layoffs
    9. Section 4: Build Your Skills
      1. 13. Managing Conflict Constructively
      2. 14. Conducting Difficult Conversations
      3. 15. Working with People You Just Can’t Stand
      4. 16. Forging Alliances
    10. Index
    11. About the Author
  6. HBR Guide to Managing Up and Across
    1. Harvard Business Review Guides
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. What You'll Learn
    5. Contents
    6. Section 1: Managing Up
      1. Managing Your Boss
      2. Winning Over Your New Boss
      3. Steps for Presenting Problems or Opportunities to Your Boss
      4. Manage Up with Your Mentor's Guidance
      5. Change the Way You Persuade
      6. Get to Know Your Boss's Boss
      7. How to Make Your Boss Look Good--Without Becoming a Sycophant
      8. Stop Being Micromanaged
      9. Dealing with Your Incompetent Boss
      10. Coping with a Conflict-Averse Boss
      11. How to Give Your Boss Feedback
      12. Managing Multiple Bosses
    7. Section 2: Managing Across
      1. What Makes a Leader?
      2. The Discipline of Teams
      3. Managing Remote Relationships
      4. A Smarter Way to Network
      5. How to Deal with Office Politics
      6. Make Your Enemies Your Allies
      7. The Necessary Art of Persuasion
      8. Three Ways Not to Persuade
      9. Harnessing the Science of Persuasion
      10. How to Get Your Colleagues' Attention
      11. Collaborating Across Generations
      12. When the Direct Approach Backfires, Try Indirect Influence
    8. Index
  7. HBR Guide to Work-Life Balance
    1. Harvard Business Review Guides
    2. Title Page
    3. HBR Press Quantity Sales Discounts
    4. Copyright
    5. What You’ll Learn
    6. Contents
    7. Introduction
    8. Section One: Take Stock
      1. 1. Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life
      2. 2. Assessment: Are You Focusing on What’s Important to You?
    9. Section Two: Make Decisions and Manage Your Time
      1. 3. No, You Can’t Have It All
      2. 4. Make Room in Your Work Life for the Rest of Your Self
      3. 5. Before You Agree to Take on New Work, Ask Three Questions
      4. 6. Stop Work Overload by Setting These Boundaries
      5. 7. Nine Practices to Help You Say No
      6. 8. Why You Need an Untouchable Day Every Week
      7. 9. How to Get the Most Out of a Day Off
    10. Section Three: Explore Flexible Work Arrangements
      1. 10. Winning Support for Flexible Work
      2. 11. Five Strategies of Successful Part-Time Work
      3. 12. Staying Focused When You’re Working from Home
      4. 13. What to Do When a Personal Crisis Is Hurting Your Professional Life
    11. Section Four: Manage Your Relationships
      1. 14. Being Too Busy for Friends Won’t Help Your Career
      2. 15. Two-Career Couples Need Long-Term Plans
      3. 16. Balance Parenting and Work Stress
      4. 17. How Working Parents Can Manage the Demands of School-Age Kids
      5. 18. Keep Your Home Life Sane When Work Gets Crazy
    12. Section Five: Take Care of Yourself
      1. 19. Six Ways to Weave Self-Care into Your Workday
      2. 20. The Difference Between Workaholics and Working Long Hours
      3. 21. How to Forget About Work When You’re Not Working
      4. 22. Regular Exercise Is Part of Your Job
      5. 23. Reclaim Your Commute
      6. 24. Get Better Sleep
      7. 25. Don’t Take a Bad Day Home with You
    13. Index