“Delegating with Joy”

A Women at Work Interview with Tiffany Dufu

Quick Takes

  • Release yourself from unrealistic expectations
  • Stop “imaginary delegation”
  • Learn to delegate with joy
  • Put your energy to your highest and best use

SARAH GREEN CARMICHAEL: This is Women at Work. I’m Sarah Green Carmichael. In 2008 Tiffany Dufu had a high-powered job dedicated to getting more women into government. She was also raising a 2-year-old with her husband. Then, during the Great Recession her husband got laid off. Tiffany became the sole breadwinner as well as the meal planner, childcare expert, and life organizer. It was all too much, and one day she came home to find her out-of-work husband watching basketball on the couch. “What’s for dinner?” he asked. ...

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