Chapter 3. Managing projects with Scrum: The Rules of Scrum


The rules of Scrum are simple. Using it effectively is not so simple.

Scrum is the most common approach to agile, and for good reason: the rules of Scrum are straightforward and easy to learn. Most teams don’t need a lot of time to pick up the events, roles, and artifacts that make up the rules of Scrum. But for Scrum to be most effective, they need to really understand the values of Scrum and the Agile Manifesto principles, which help them get into an effective mindset. Because while Scrum seems simple, the way a Scrum team constantly inspects and adapts is a whole new way of thinking about projects.


Meet the Ranch Hand Games team

They’re hot off the successful release of Cows Gone Wild IV: The Milk Man Cometh, and about to tackle their most ambitious project yet! But while CGW4 may have sold well, it was far from perfect as a project, and Amy, Brian, and Rick want CGW5 to be an improvement. Agile to the rescue!


Amy: Wow, I’m so glad you said that. I can’t take another project like that. Just staying on top of the last-minute artwork changes was practically impossible.

Brian: Oh man, we can’t have that argument ...

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