Chapter 11. Forms and Validation: Say what you meant to say

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Everyone makes mistakes from time to time.

Give a human being a chance to talk (or type) for a few minutes, and they’ll probably make at least one or two mistakes. So how do your web apps respond to those mistakes? You’ve got to validate your users’ input and react when that input has problems. But who does what? What should your web page do? What should your JavaScript do? And what’s the role of the server in validation and data integrity? Turn the page to answer all of these questions, and a lot more...

Marcy’s Yoga for Programmers... a booming new enterprise

With her hip new site and super-fast response times, Marcy’s Yoga for Programmers site has exploded. She’s got some of Silicon Valley’s highest-end clientele signing up daily. She’s even added online enrollment, so once a potential client finds the perfect class, they can sign up right away:

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