Chapter 12. Post Requests: Paranoia: It’s your friend

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Someone’s watching you. Right now. Seriously.

Freedom of Information Act? Isn’t that called the Internet? These days, anything a user types into a form or clicks on a web page is subject to inspection. Whether it’s a network admin, a software company trying to learn about your trends, or a malicious hacker or spammer, your information isn’t safe unless you make it safe. When it comes to web pages, you’ve got to protect your users’ data when they click Submit.

There’s a villain in the movies

Just when we thought that we’d solved all of the web world’s problems, it looks like one of our earlier customers is back... and he’s not happy.

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Your code... your problem!

Mike, of Mike’s Movies fame, has another problem. It doesn’t seem like his customers getting spammed is really related to the registration form we built for Mike, but since we built that form, he’s blaming us. Welcome to web development.

So what do you think is going on? Is it possible that spammers are getting Mike’s customer email addresses because of something we did—or didn’t do—on the enrollment form?

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