Chapter 2. (More) Complicated Equations: Taking Algebra on the road

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Imagine a world where there is more than ONE thing you don’t know. Yes, it’s hard to imagine... but there are problems out there with more than one unknown. Not only that, but sometimes you’ve got one unknown that appears multiple times in the same equation! No worries, though... you already know how to manipulate your equations. Add that knowledge to the tools you’ll learn in this chapter, and you’ll be solving more complicated expressions in no time at all.

Paul loves “Pajama Death”

Paul is a huge fan of the punk band Pajama Death. The band’s kicking off their US tour this week in Florida, and Paul’s determined to be there. Paul’s got his savings ready to blow, but he’s got no idea how much cash he needs to pull out of his account.

Can you help Paul?

Paul has $1,330 in his bank account and is willing to spend it all. In fact, Paul wants to bring his buddies and really blow it out this weekend. But how many friends can he bring? Not only that, but there are a lot of costs to keep up with:

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Always start with what you know

The best way to work any problem is to figure out what things you know and what things you don’t know. The big unknown in this problem is how many friends Paul can bring. Let’s call this g for guys. We also ...

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