Chapter 3. Rules for Numeric Operations: Follow the rules

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Sometimes you just gotta follow the stinking rules.

Yes, there comes a time in everyone’s life when mom and dad are out of the picture, and there’s nobody making you clean your room or surrender your cell phone until your homework’s done. But when it comes to Algebra, rules are a good thing. They’ll keep you from getting the wrong answer. In fact, lots of times, rules will help you solve for an unknown without a lot of extra work. Leave your dunce cap behind for this chapter because we’ll be following a few handy rules all the way to a perfect score.

Math or No Math

It’s the quiz show that’s sweeping the nation—Math or No Math. This new primetime hit pits two contestants against each other, struggling to solve math problems. It’s easy to find contestant, but Math or No Math needs help. They don’t have any judges to figure out if contestants are getting the problems right! That’s where you come in....

You’ve been brought in to judge this week’s show. Good luck...

Problem #1

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image with no caption

Both contestants have already weighed in with their answers. But who’s right?

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