Chapter 6. Inequalities: Can’t quite get enough?

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Sometimes enough is enough... and sometimes it’s not.

Have you ever thought, “I just need a little bit more”? But what if someone gave you more than just a bit more? Then you’d have more than you need...but life might still be pretty good. In this chapter, you’ll see how Algebra lets you say, “Give me a little more... and then some!” With inequalities, you’ll go beyond two values and allow yourself to get more, or less.

Kathleen really loves football

Kathleen wants to start her own fantasy football team but needs your help managing it. Each team is limited to spending no more than $1,000,000 on player salaries. Your job is to help Kathleen put together a balanced team.

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The cost of all players can’t be more than $1,000,000

Kathleen needs to fill her team roster and keep her total costs under $1,000,000. Here are the choices Kathleen’s got for her team... lots of decisions to make!

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