Appendix A. Leftovers: The top 11 things we wanted to include in this book

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The fun’s just beginning!

We’ve shown you a lot of great tools to build some really powerful software with C#. But there’s no way that we could include every single tool, technology, or technique in this book—there just aren’t enough pages. We had to make some really tough choices about what to include and what to leave out. Here are some of the topics that didn’t make the cut. But even though we couldn’t get to them, we still think that they’re important and useful, and we wanted to give you a small head start with them.


We wish we could give this material the same kind of thorough treatment we were able to provide throughout the book, but we just didn’t have enough pages to do it! But we still want to give you a good starting point and a place to go for more information.

#1. The Basics

Before we get started, here’s a Guy class that we’ll be using throughout this appendix. Take a look at how it’s commented. Notice how the class, its methods, and its properties are all commented with triple-slash (///) comments? Those are called XML comments, and the IDE will help you add them. Just type “///” right before a class, method, property, or field declaration (and a few other places, too), and the IDE will fill in ...

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