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Head First HTML5 Programming by Elisabeth Robson, Eric Freeman

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Advance Praise for Head First HTML5 Programming

“HTML5 is the “future of the web”. How many times have you heard that? If you really want to understand the family of technologies that make up HTML5, read this book! Head First HTML5 Programming is the definitive book on HTML5 for everyone from beginners to experienced developers.”

Aaron LaBerge, CEO, Fanzter Inc.

“This book is a rollicking ride through the wild new territory of HTML5, where we are all bound to be battling scorpions for years. It takes you through basic concepts so you understand the purposes of the HTML5 design, and then into each area so you know your way around. Like all Head First books, it replaces dry recitation with lively, memorable, fact-laden bursts of information. I will always have the formal HTML5 spec web site for reference purposes, but I’d rather *learn* it lively.”

Ken Arnold, Design/Build Hub, Peak Impact, Inc.

“A must have book on HTML5 which continues on the Head First tradition of being witty, fun, chocked-full of examples and wickedly smart!”

Danny Mavromatis, Sr Software Architect, ABC Television Group

Head First HTML5 Programming does a great job of making sense of many of the key aspects of HTML5 in a fun, easy-to-digest manner. With its highly-visual style and numerous code samples, complex concepts like canvas and asynchronous programming are simplified and illustrated making them straightforward and engaging.”

Michael S. Scherotter, Principal Architect Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

“HTML5 is a cake with many layers of technologies. Head First HTML5 Programming bakes that cake, and then throws it at your face. You will consume deliciousness and rejoice.”

Josh Rhoades, co-founder of BrightHalf

With Head First HTML5 Programming, the multiplicity of HTML5 is approached with a multiplicity in the medium that makes the hard work of learning fun.

Ward Cunningham, wiki inventor

“HTML5 is the hottest new technology for website development. Developers far and wide can’t wait to put it to use to build flexible, rich media websites that also work great on tablets and smart phones. Head First HTML5 Programming is the best and funnest way to feed this exciting new technology to your brain. I highly recommend it!”

Marianne Marck, SVP Technology, Blue Nile Inc.

“Straightforward, informative and entertaining, Head First HTML5 Programming is a must for anyone wanting to get started with HTML5 or just to refresh their skills. The Head First series helps me to keep my technical skills up to date allowing me to better support my developers and projects.”

Todd Guill, Project Manager, AllRecipes.com

“This ain’t your grandpa’s DHTML! Head First HTML5 Programming paints a hopeful and confident picture of the future of the Web through HTML5, while empowering you to code your own ticket there. If you’re seeking a definitive, accessible, and at times pretty funny guidebook to this standard, look no further.”

Manny Otto, Web Producer and Creative

“The authors have hit the nail on the head—JavaScript skills are the key to HTML5. Even if you’ve never written a JavaScript program before, they’ll quickly get you up and running through a series of fun and practical projects.”

David Powers, author of PHP Solutions: Dynamic Web Design Made Easy

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