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Head First Mobile Web by Lyza Danger Gardner, Jason Grigsby

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Praise for other Head First books

Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design is a refreshing look at subject of OOAD. What sets this book apart is its focus on learning. The authors have made the content of OOAD accessible [and] usable for the practitioner.”

Ivar Jacobson, Ivar Jacobson Consulting

“I just finished reading HF OOA&D, and I loved it! The thing I liked most about this book was its focus on why we do OOA&D—to write great software!”

Kyle Brown, Distinguished Engineer, IBM

“Hidden behind the funny pictures and crazy fonts is a serious, intelligent, extremely well-crafted presentation of OO analysis and design. As I read the book, I felt like I was looking over the shoulder of an expert designer who was explaining to me what issues were important at each step, and why.”

Edward Sciore, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, Boston College

“All in all, Head First Software Development is a great resource for anyone wanting to formalize their programming skills in a way that constantly engages the reader on many different levels.”

Andy Hudson, Linux Format

“If you’re a new software developer, Head First Software Development will get you started off on the right foot. And if you’re an experienced (read: long-time) developer, don’t be so quick to dismiss this....”

Thomas Duff, Duffbert’s Random Musings

“There’s something in Head First Java for everyone. Visual learners, kinesthetic learners, everyone can learn from this book. Visual aids make things easier to remember, and the book is written in a very accessible style—very different from most Java manuals.... Head First Java is a valuable book. I can see the Head First books used in the classroom, whether in high schools or adult ed classes. And I will definitely be referring back to this book, and referring others to it as well.”

Warren Kelly, Blogcritics.org, March 2006

“Rather than textbook-style learning, Head First iPhone and iPad Development brings a humorous, engaging, and even enjoyable approach to learning iOS development. With coverage of key technologies including core data, and even crucial aspects such as interface design, the content is aptly chosen and top-notch. Where else could you witness a fireside chat between a UIWebView and UITextField!”

Sean Murphy, iOS designer and developer

“Another nice thing about Head First Java, Second Edition, is that it whets the appetite for more. With later coverage of more advanced topics such as Swing and RMI, you just can’t wait to dive into those APIs and code that flawless, 100,000-line program on java.net that will bring you fame and venture-capital fortune. There’s also a great deal of material, and even some best practices, on networking and threads—my own weak spot. In this case, I couldn’t help but crack up a little when the authors use a 1950s telephone operator—yeah, you got it, that lady with a beehive hairdo that manually hooks in patch lines—as an analogy for TCP/IP ports...you really should go to the bookstore and thumb through Head First Java, Second Edition. Even if you already know Java, you may pick up a thing or two. And if not, just thumbing through the pages is a great deal of fun.”

Robert Eckstein, Java.sun.com

“Of course it’s not the range of material that makes Head First Java stand out, it’s the style and approach. This book is about as far removed from a computer science textbook or technical manual as you can get. The use of cartoons, quizzes, fridge magnets (yep, fridge magnets...). And, in place of the usual kind of reader exercises, you are asked to pretend to be the compiler and compile the code, or perhaps to piece some code together by filling in the blanks or...you get the picture.... The first edition of this book was one of our recommended titles for those new to Java and objects. This new edition doesn’t disappoint and rightfully steps into the shoes of its predecessor. If you are one of those people who falls asleep with a traditional computer book, then this one is likely to keep you awake and learning.”


Head First Web Design is your ticket to mastering all of these complex topics, and understanding what’s really going on in the world of web design.... If you have not been baptized by fire in using something as involved as Dreamweaver, then this book will be a great way to learn good web design.”

Robert Pritchett, MacCompanion

“Is it possible to learn real web design from a book format? Head First Web Design is the key to designing user-friendly sites, from customer requirements to hand-drawn storyboards to online sites that work well. What sets this apart from other ‘how to build a website’ books is that it uses the latest research in cognitive science and learning to provide a visual learning experience rich in images and designed for how the brain works and learns best. The result is a powerful tribute to web design basics that any general-interest computer library will find an important key to success.”

Diane C. Donovan, California Bookwatch: The Computer Shelf

“I definitely recommend Head First Web Design to all of my fellow programmers who want to get a grip on the more artistic side of the business.”

Claron Twitchell, UJUG

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