Chapter 7. building personalized web apps: Remember me?

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No one likes to be forgotten, especially users of web applications. If an application has any sense of “membership,” meaning that users somehow interact with the application in a personal way, then the application needs to remember the users. You’d hate to have to reintroduce yourself to your family every time you walk through the door at home. You don’t have to because they have this wonderful thing called memory. But web applications don’t remember people automatically—it’s up to a savvy web developer to use the tools at their disposal (PHP and MySQL, maybe?) to build personalized web apps that can actually remember users.

They say opposites attract

It’s an age-old story: boy meets girl, girl thinks boy is completely nuts, boy thinks girl has issues, but their differences become the attraction, and they end up living happily ever after. This story drives the innovative new dating site, Mismatch takes the “opposites attract” theory to heart by mismatching people based on their differences.

Problem is, Mismatch has yet to get off the ground and is in dire need of a web developer to finish building the system. That’s where you come in. Millions of lonely hearts are anxiously awaiting your completion of the application... don’t let them down!

Personal web applications thrive on personal information, which requires users ...

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