How to Use this Book: Intro

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In this section, we answer the burning question: “So why DID they put that in a PMP exam prep book?”

Who is this book for?

If you can answer “yes” to all of these:

  1. Are you a project manager?

  2. Do you want to learn, understand, remember, and apply important project management concepts so that you can prepare for the PMP exam, and learn to be a better project manager in the process?


    You can also use this book to help you study for the CAPM exam—a lot of the concepts are really similar.


    We’ll help you study for the PMP exam in a way that will definitely make it easier for you to pass.

  3. Do you prefer stimulating dinner-party conversation to dry, dull, academic lectures?

this book is for you.

Who should probably back away from this book?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these:

  1. Are you completely new to project management?

    (To qualify to take the PMP exam, you need to show a certain number of hours of experience as a professional project manager.)


    But even if you don’t have quite enough hours yet, this book can still help you study now, so you can be ready when you’ve got those hours under your belt! Plus, the ideas will help you on your job immediately...

  2. Are you already PMP certified and looking for a reference book on project management?

  3. Are you afraid to try something different? Would you rather have a root canal than mix stripes with plaid? Do you believe that ...

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