Chapter 10. Real-World Applications: Rails in the real world

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You’ve learned a lot about Ruby on Rails.

But to apply your knowledge to the real world, there are a number of things you need to think about. How do you connect your application to another database? How do you test Rails apps? How do you make the most out the Rails and the Ruby language? And where do you find out the latest on what’s happening with Rails? Keep reading, and we’ll put you on the inside track that will take your development skills to the next level.

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All of the techniques you’ve learned so far ARE useful... but there’s more to learn.

Yes, it’s true. Things out in the world don’t always go the way they should. Not only that, but Rails is a pretty big framework. There’s more than this book, or any other book less than a few zillion pages, could ever hope to cover.

But there’s no reason to assume you’re not prepared! Skim through these last few pages to see what you know, and even pick up a few more tips on things you don’t.

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