Install Struts, and Just Run It!

Installing Struts is simple.

The links and versions mentioned on this page were current at the time of this writing. Which is no help at all for you, but means simply: we have no idea what things will be like by the time you read this, but we gave it our best shot anyway.

Six easy steps to installing Struts

  1. Crank up your browser and navigate to:
  2. From the General Availability list, click on the latest Struts v1.3.* link:

  3. Choose the JAR file you desire. The smallest JAR is the library-only version:
  4. Download the zip file to a temporary directory.

  5. Unzip the file which unpacks to:

  6. Copy the five JAR files listed in step 5 to the webapp’s WEB-INF/lib/ directory:

  7. FYI: make sure that there is a copy of Struts core JAR file in your classpath when you compile your form beans and action objects. (Remember, the ActionServlet front controller is created for you automatically.)

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