Chapter 3. Project Planning: Planning for success

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Every great piece of software starts with a great plan.

In this chapter you’re going to learn how to create that plan. You’re going to learn how to work with the customer to prioritize their requirements. You’ll define iterations that you and your team can then work toward. Finally you’ll create an achievable development plan that you and your team can confidently execute and monitor. By the time you’re done, you’ll know exactly how to get from requirements to your first deliverable.

Customers want their software NOW!

Customers want their software when they need it, and not a moment later. You’ve come to grips with the customer’s ideas using brainstorming, you’ve got a set of user stories that describe everything the customer might need the software to do, and you’ve even added an estimate to each user story that helped you figure out how long it will take to deliver everything the customer wants. The problem is, developing everything the customer said they needed will take too long...

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