Chapter 10. The Next Iteration: If it ain’t broke... you still better fix it

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Think things are going well? Hold on, that just might change...

Your iteration went great, and you’re delivering working software on time. Time for the next iteration? No problem, right? Unfortunately, not right at all. Software development is all about change, and moving to your next iteration is no exception. In this chapter you’ll learn how to prepare for the next iteration. You’ve got to rebuild your board and adjust your stories and expecations based on what the customer wants NOW, not a month ago.

What is working software?

When you come to the end of an iteration, you should have a buildable piece of software. But complete software is more than just code. It’s also...

...completing your iteration’s work

You’re getting paid to get a certain amount of work done. No matter how clever your code, you’ve got to complete tasks to be successful.

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...passing all your tests

Unit tests, system tests, black- and white-box tests...if your system doesn’t pass your tests, it’s not working.

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... satisfying your customer

Software that does what it’s supposed to do, in the time you promised it, usually makes customers pretty excited. ...

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