Chapter 13. Using Hypothesis Tests: Look At The Evidence

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Not everything you’re told is absolutely certain.

The trouble is, how do you know when what you’re being told isn’t right? Hypothesis tests give you a way of using samples to test whether or not statistical claims are likely to be true. They give you a way of weighing the evidence and testing whether extreme results can be explained by mere coincidence, or whether there are darker forces at work. Come with us on a ride through this chapter, and we’ll show you how you can use hypothesis tests to confirm or allay your deepest suspicions.

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Statsville’s new miracle drug

Statsville’s leading drug company has produced a new remedy for curing snoring. Frustrated snorers are flocking to their doctors in hopes of finding nightly relief.

The drug company claims that their miracle drug cures 90% of people within two weeks, which is great news for the people with snoring difficulties. The trouble is, not everyone’s convinced.

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The doctor at the Statsville Surgery has been prescribing SnoreCull to her patients, but she’s disappointed by the results. She decides to conduct her own trial of the drug.

She takes a random sample of 15 snorers and puts them ...

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