8 making wordpress fast

Time for the passing lane


Speed is important online.

A fast-loading site isn’t just about keeping visitors around. Yes, if your site doesn’t load quickly then people might just wander off, but a slow site also gets dinged in search results from the likes of Google, meaning fewer people will actually find your site in the first place. Beyond just increasing your horsepower, you’ll also learn how to use caching, database optimization, and additional hostingoptions to beef up your site to handle more traffic, too.

Not again...

Just as things were starting to settle down, it looks like Thanks for Mutton is having some problems again.


Laura: Wait, how do you know how many people have been visiting the site? I thought the Feedburner stats only told us about our RSS feed subscriptions, not the visitors to the site overall.

Mark: Oh yeah, I didn’t get that from Feedburner, I’m getting our site stats from Google.

Bob: Google? OK, I know that Google does a lot of things, but how in the world does it know how many people are visiting our site?

Mark: Well, you have to sign up for it as a service from Google, but when a visitor comes to Thanks for Mutton, our web server ...

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