True North Questions for Reflection

Now we return to our emphasis that self-awareness is the critical starting point for success. This chapter consists of ten sets of True North questions designed to spur reflection and reveal important facets of both you as the business-builder and your business itself.

1.What Is Really Holding You Back? (Heart)

2.On Vision and Purpose (Heart)

3.On Assumptions, Beliefs, and Values (Heart)

4.Getting the Right Mix of Smarts (Smarts)

5.Do You Need a Strategic Checkup? (Smarts)

6.On Guts (Guts)

7.To Sell or Not to Sell? (Guts)

8.Are You Humble Enough? (Luck)

9.Creating Luck with Optimism and Relationships (Luck)

10.Reflecting on Failure

Pick and choose the sets of questions that resonate most with you. ...

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