Help, I m Rich!: Your Compass to a Value-Adding Private Banking Experience

Book description

Manage and protect your wealth with the help of a private bank

Help! I'm Rich! is a detailed examination of how private banking services can help high net worth individuals take charge over their wealth and protect their assets. Designed to increase the ability to discern between 'adding value' and 'self-orientation' and thus improve the professional relationship between private bankers and clients, this reader-friendly guide explains the concerns that typically come along with wealth, and the various ways in which private banks can help clients deal with these challenges effectively. You will learn what private banks do, which services they offer, and how to find and approach a private bank. Case studies illustrate the various scenarios presented, and graphs, tables, cartoons and diagrams help facilitate a true understanding of what private banks can do for you. A detailed description of the various asset classes explains the reasons for — and risks of — investing at each level, giving you a better idea of the wealth management methods that have proven effective for others in your class.

Whether you are new to wealth or are newly tasked with the money management aspect of it, it's vital for you to understand the ways in which your high net worth changes the game. This book is an indispensable guide to understanding the common challenges of the wealthy, and the crucial role private banks play in dealing with these challenges.

  • Understand the challenges wealth brings to money management

  • Discover how private banks can help address specific concerns

  • Learn the questions you should ask your private banker

  • Make better financial decisions by having an expert in your corner

  • The more money you have, the more attention it requires, and the solutions tend to get more complicated. The support of a professional services provider seems not only unavoidable but highly desirable. Help! I'm Rich! shows you how to gain the most out of your private banking experience, with detailed guidance and expert advice.

    Table of contents

    1. Foreword
      1. Disillusioned
      2. Adding Value
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. About the Author
    4. Part One: Introduction
      1. Chapter 1: Toward a Trusted and Value-Adding Private Banking Industry
        1. Shaken Confidence
        2. Building Trust and Confidence
        3. Why This Book?
        4. Notes
      2. Part One: Conclusion
    5. Part Two: Investments
      1. Chapter 2: Why Should I Invest?
        1. The Risks of Staying in Cash
        2. What Does This Mean?
        3. Conclusion
        4. Notes
      2. Chapter 3: An Investment Approach That Suits You
        1. The First Meeting
        2. The Risk–Return Profile
        3. Conclusion
      3. Chapter 4: Risks? What Risks?
        1. Common Investment Risks
        2. Risk Management Strategies
        3. Conclusion
        4. Notes
      4. Chapter 5: The Essence of Discipline
        1. Investment Rules and Principles
        2. Conclusion
        3. Note
      5. Chapter 6: Who Is Managing Your Assets?
        1. Level of Personal Involvement
        2. Wealth Manager Selection
        3. Conclusion
        4. Notes
      6. Part Two: Conclusion
    6. Part Three: Credit
      1. Chapter 7: Loans—Pursuing Burdensome Opportunities
        1. The Rationale for Borrowing—General
        2. The Rationale for Borrowing—The Rich
        3. Risks of Borrowing
        4. Rules of the Credit Game
        5. Conclusion
        6. Notes
      2. Part Three: Conclusion
    7. Part Four: Life Insurance
      1. Chapter 8: Life Insurance—A General Introduction
        1. General Applications of Life Insurance
        2. Types of Life Insurance
        3. Conclusion
        4. Notes
      2. Chapter 9: The Rich Also Benefit from Life Insurance
        1. The Rich Person’s Rationales for Life Insurance
        2. Conclusion
        3. Notes
      3. Chapter 10: Life Insurance—Common Considerations
        1. Some Life Insurance Considerations
        2. Conclusion
      4. Chapter 11: Life Insurance and Your Private Banker
        1. Roles of Your Private Banker
        2. Conclusion
      5. Part Four: Conclusion
    8. Part Five: Wealth Structuring
      1. Chapter 12: What Is Wealth Structuring?
        1. A True Story to Learn From
        2. Wealth Structuring: What Is It?
        3. Conclusion
        4. Note
      2. Chapter 13: Purposes of Wealth Structuring
        1. Purposes of Wealth Structuring during Life
        2. Purposes of Wealth Structuring after Death (= Legacy)
        3. Conclusion
        4. Notes
      3. Chapter 14: Wealth Structuring Tools and Vehicles
        1. Common Wealth Structuring Tools and Vehicles
        2. Conclusion
      4. Chapter 15: Wealth Structuring—Common Considerations
        1. Wealth Structuring Considerations
        2. Conclusion
        3. Notes
      5. Chapter 16: Wealth Structuring and Your Private Banker
        1. Roles of Your Private Banker
        2. Conclusion
      6. Part Five: Conclusion
    9. Part Six: Psychology of Wealth
      1. Chapter 17: How Wealth Can Undermine Emotional Maturity
        1. A Harsh Reality
        2. The Curse of Wealth
        3. Conclusion
        4. Notes
      2. Chapter 18: Raising Wealthy Children—So Many Obstacles
        1. Isolation
        2. Pressurizing Expectations
        3. Self-Esteem Issues
        4. Abundance of Choice
        5. Mismatch between Appearance and Being
        6. Egocentrism
        7. Conclusion
        8. Notes
      3. Chapter 19: Raising Wealthy Children—The Need for Awareness
        1. A Basic Concept of Happiness
        2. Success Factors of Education
        3. Beware: There Are Limitations
        4. Conclusion
        5. Notes
      4. Chapter 20: Psychology and Your Private Banker
        1. Roles of Your Private Banker
        2. Conclusion
      5. Part Six: Conclusion
        1. Note
    10. Epilogue
    11. Appendix
      1. Equity
      2. Private Equity
      3. IPO
      4. Bond (or Fixed Income)
      5. Convertible Bond
      6. Mutual Fund
      7. Hedge Fund
      8. ETF
      9. Derivatives
      10. Structured Products
      11. Currencies
      12. Commodities
      13. Precious Metals
      14. Real Estate
      15. Collectibles
      16. Notes
    12. Index
    13. End User License Agreement

    Product information

    • Title: Help, I m Rich!: Your Compass to a Value-Adding Private Banking Experience
    • Author(s): Kees Stoute
    • Release date: February 2015
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781119020547