Chapter 6

Getting Fancy with Graphics and Sound


check Finding the right images and sound

check Using images in your programs

check Using sound in your programs

check Coding a simple sound board

Using graphics (images, animations, and videos) and sound in your programs can make them more exciting, personal, and bring them to life. This chapter helps your young coder find the graphics and sounds you’re looking for, and gives you tips on knowing which file types and sizes are best for the program you’re trying to write. A lot of graphics and sounds are available online for free, but finding ones that are safe, legal, and appropriate is important.

Aside from image or sound sizes, this chapter also shows how to combine images and sounds in your programs to make them come to life. For example, in video games when the player clicks a chicken, they might hear a “squawk-A!”. And when the player walks through mud they might hear “squish-squish.”

You and your coder can use graphics and images to go beyond the built-in assets that some programming environments provide, and make each program you write ...

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