Chapter 8

Application Use Cases

Platform Atomics

J. Gómez-Luna*; I.-J. Sung; A.J. Lázaro-Muñoz; W.-H. Chung§; J.M. González-Linares; N. Guil    * University of Córdoba, Córdoba, Spain MulticoreWare Inc., Champaign, IL, USA University of Málaga, Málaga, Spain§ MulticoreWare Inc., Douliou, Yunlin County, Taiwan, ROC


Platform atomics provide memory consistency and atomicity across the heterogeneous architecture. They allow the latency compute units (CPU cores) and the throughput compute units (graphics processing unit, GPU cores) to simultaneously access the same memory locations. This chapter describes three case studies of algorithm patterns that benefit from platform atomics. The first case study is a task queue system in which ...

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