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I would like to thank the following people for help in writing this book: My wife, Curlin Reed Sullivan; Dan Ahearn; Richard Apel; Mark Avnet; Kim Baffi; Betsy Barnum; Jamie Barrett; Bob Barrie; David Bell; Sam Bennett; Andre Bergeron; Kevin Berigan; Andy Berlin; Bob Blewett; Alex Bogusky; Laurie Brown; Rob Buchner; Pat Burnham; Cathy Carlisi; Tim Cole; Scott Cooley; Coz Cotzias; Peter Coughter; David Crawford; Markham Cronin; Russell Curtis; Gina Dante; Clay Davies; Craig Denham; Arlene Distel; Denese Duncan; James Embry; Mark Fenske; Kevin Flatt; Ashley Fortune; Anne Fredrickson; Betty Gamadge; Yosune George; Tom Gibson; Wayne Gibson; Glenn Gill; Kevin Griffith; Tiffany Groglio at Wiley; Stephen Hall; Al Hampel; Phil Hanft; Cabell Harris; Sam Harrison; David Jelly Helm; Carol Henderson; Joel Hermann; Bill Hillsman; Adrian Hilton; Sally Hogshead; Blue Hopkins; Clay Hudson; Paul Huggett; Mike Hughes; Gary Johns; Pruie Jingle James Jones Johnson; KatMo; Kathy Jydstrup; Claire Kerby; Lori Kraft; Jim Lacey; Greg Lane; Mike, Kelley, Henry, and Owen Lear; Dany Lennon; Andy Lerner; Mike Lescarbeau; Tom Lichtenheld; Jennifer Macha; John Mahoney; Tom McElligott; Tom McEnery; Doug Melroe; Karen Melvin; Lucy Meredith; Ruth Mills; Larry Minsky; Andrea and Natalie Minze; Mister Mister; Tom Monahan; Marina Monsante; Ty Montague; Ken Musto; Richard Narramore (my kind editor at Wiley); Ted Nelson; Tom Nelson; Diane O’Hara; Cathy Orman; Johnathan ...

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