Hidden Visual Studio LightSwitch: Secrets from the Real World for Creating Great Apps

Book description

This eBook offers practical tips and tricks as well as useful guidance on how to implement common features in LightSwitch, such as those for working with documents, business analysis, screen customization, optimal server configuration, usage with databases other than SQL Server, and so on.

What you can expect to find is solutions for everyday problems, with suggestions on how to implement requirements that are very common in any business application, especially for running across distributed networks in the enterprise.

In summary, what you’ll find in this eBook is how to solve problems you will face in the real world.

This eBook is intended for developers who have at least basic knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch, as well as some experience in creating, configuring, and publishing applications.

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
    1. What Does This Book Cover?
    2. Software Requirements
  5. About the Author
  6. Chapter 1. Migrating Microsoft Access Databases to LightSwitch
    1. Tools for Migrating Databases
    2. Creating a Sample Access Database
    3. Preparing the Database: What You Have Versus What You Need
    4. Starting SQL Server Migration Assistant
    5. Creating a LightSwitch Application
  7. Chapter 2. Using LightSwitch with MySQL
    1. Installing MySQL
    2. Updating the .NET Connector
    3. Connecting to MySQL from LightSwitch
  8. Chapter 3. Creating Home Screens
    1. Creating a Sample Application
    2. Creating a Home Screen
    3. Animating Text at Runtime
  9. Chapter 4. Data-Entry Screens: Custom Controls and Default Values
    1. Using Custom Controls in Data-Entry Screens
    2. Providing Default Values
  10. Chapter 5. Uploading and Displaying PDF Documents
    1. Preparing a Sample Application
    2. Publishing the Application
    3. Preparing the Server
    4. Uploading Files in Code
    5. Displaying PDF Files
  11. Chapter 6. Configuring Web Servers for Deployment
    1. Configuring the Web Server
    2. Additional IIS Configuration
  12. Chapter 7. Top Third-Party Paid Controls That Can Save You Time and Money
    1. Enabling Extensions
    2. FlexGrid (ComponentOne)
    3. OLAP (ComponentOne)
    4. Scheduler (ComponentOne)
    5. Document Toolkit (First Floor Software)
    6. Custom Shell (Infragistics)
    7. XtraReports (DevExpress)
    8. RadControls (Telerik)
  13. Chapter 8. Using Excel To Analyze LightSwitch Data
    1. Exporting from LightSwitch to Excel
    2. Importing and Analyzing Data from a SQL Server Database in Excel
    3. Using OData Services in Excel
  14. Chapter 9. Implementing Tools for Non-Admin Users
    1. Hierarchy of Permissions
    2. Preparing an Example
    3. Non-Admins and Lookup Tables
    4. Testing the Application
    5. Non-Admins and External Applications
  15. Chapter 10. Migrating Apps from LightSwitch 2011 to 2012: A Brief Guide
    1. Extensions and Third-Party Components
    2. Server Side: Prerequisites
    3. Server Side: The Database
    4. Client Side: Silverlight 5
    5. Silverlight Projects with Custom Controls
    6. Deployment
    7. Conclusions

Product information

  • Title: Hidden Visual Studio LightSwitch: Secrets from the Real World for Creating Great Apps
  • Author(s): Alessandro Del Sole
  • Release date: March 2013
  • Publisher(s): Sams
  • ISBN: 9780133445602